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Various Causes of Global Warming

Question: Write an essay on Various Causes of Global Warming? Answer: Introduction: Currently it is seen that the global warming and the climatic changes is been considered as one of the major issues which is taking place in the environment. In various types of research works it has been found that as the temperature of the environment is increasing and it is creating a massive impact in the eco system and also on the individuals. It is observed that in the ecosystem the rate of pollution is increasing and along with that there is also increase of human population in the system and the human population has a major role in creating the pollution in the eco system and when they are creating this they do not have any idea that they are creating pollution in the environment. Therefore it can be said that this is one of the major part in the ecosystem who are responsible for decreasing the rate of pollution in the environment. Later part of the assignment we will also discuss about the reasons of global warming and what are it impact in the ecosystem and also discuss abo ut certain recommendations which will be required for decreasing the pollution from the system. Various Causes of Global Warming During recent scenario it is seen that there are different issues which is creating a massive impact in the environment with the climate and the major issues for this is the globalization and the industrialization. Some other factors are also there which are also taking a major part in formulating the pollution which is creating in the ecosystem. With the help of research studies it has been found that air pollution is playing the major role which is increasing the rate of pollution in the ecosystem and it is depleting the ozone layer and for that reason this layer is facing the failure to save the earth from protecting from the pollution and it is affecting the greenery as the ultraviolet ray is destroying the greenery and the layer above the ozone layer is unable to save the planet from this rays (Chen, and Thomas, 2011). According to (Brown, 2015), it is seen that deforestation is considered as one of the major reason for the causing of global warming. As the number of tress is decreasing it is creating a lot of global warming as the level of carbon dioxide is increasing and it is effecting the environment of the eco-space. Various types of species are getting affected due to the global warming in the ecosystem and the main reason for this type the negligence of the human beings and creating a lot of problems in the environment. Figure-1- Various Reasons of Global Warming. Global Warming and its Impact Different types of changes are taking place in the ecosystem. The main reasons for these types of changes are the affect which is taking place due to global climate in a greater amount. According to the research it is seen that the temperature of ocean water is increasing. It has risen to 0.72 centigrade and the overall raise of temperature is by 2-3 centigrade all over the globe. The more amount of temperature it will kill a lot of animals and human beings (Cook, and Skuce, 2013). In the Polar Regions it has been observed that the water of the sea level is increasing due to global warming and for these reasons naturals hazards like tsunami, hurricane are effecting various regions of the planet Earth. Before, various types of animals and birds used to migrate from one place to other but due to global warming they have stopped migrating at that rate. Figure-2- Global Warming and its Impact After the analysis of various researchers it has been found that the economy will be facing recession as the natural resources will be getting affected due to global warming. As the heat of global warming is increasing it will affect the ecosystem with much impact on the species of the planet (Www2.ucar.edu, 2015). Expectations from the Individuals: Individuals are responsible for the changes taking place in the environment due to climatic changes. It is responsibility of the individuals to take certain measures so that they can take action against these types of changes (Trenberth, and Sheffield, 2014). Proper decisions have to taken to save our planet. The research studies shows that the climatic changes which are taking place is affecting the environment a lot especially the agricultural section and greenery. Researchers has also found that in the coming future various types of animals and trees will go extinct because of these global warming. It is seen that in the sea there is loss of alkaline and that is one of the reason the sea water is turning acidic and this is affecting the underwater animals. The acid in the sea water is affecting the plankton of the sea (Reed, 2015). In order to minimize the problem the green house effect and the climate change would be handled As in the research study it is already seen that green house effect and the global warming is one of the major global problems. The governments are taking certain steps so that they can deal with these environmental problems (Pindyck, 2013). The governments have undertaken various steps and they have agreed to these agreements so that they can tackle all the environmental problems. An international agreement called Kyoto Protocol has been made with the agreements of all the government heads and these has been agreed by the industrialists of the countries so that they can lessen the green house gas effect. As the industries have implemented the agreements after that there is decrease of green house gas with 5.2% from 29% of the gas in 2010 (Cooke, 2014). In the Kyoto Protocol there are six major steps which will help in decreasing the effect of green house gas. The steps are- Energy and their renewable sources The main source of pollution is the vehicles and industries. The amount of energy the industries and the vehicles are consuming they are burning fuel of those consumed energy and the carbon dioxide is mixing with the air and it is polluting the air in which the species are breathing. So, the governments have taken certain actions to save the globe from the gases of green house and for that at first the natural resources need to be protected. So, the government has planned that by the year 2050 they will bring an alternative source of the energy. Fossil fuel is one of the alternative source and with the burning of fossil fuel there will be lesser amount of pollution (Wwf.org.au, 2015). Transportation of less carbon When the industries and the vehicles are consuming large amount of energies and for that the carbon production is becoming more and so steps need to be taken so that large amount of carbon cannot be produced. Batteries are being invented which will save the energy of Sun and restore those energy as Solar Energy which will be used as prevention of more amount of green house gas. To restore large amount of solar energies hydroelectric power are also invented (Haugen, Musser, S. and Lovelace, 2010). Preservation of Forests Deforestation is occurring due to industrialization all over the globe. As number of trees is decreasing this is affecting the balance of the planet Earth and affecting the ecosystem in high amount. Trees are one of the major constituents which is maintaining the balance of ecosystem with the environment. Greeneries helps is purifying the air as they intake carbon dioxide and exhale the oxygen gas and making the air pollution free. The Amazon forest has got affected a lot due to the climate changes and global warming. The mangrove forests are also getting affected due to climate change. So, to deal with such types of problems the government needs to take various types of international initiatives which will help in decreasing the global and green house gas from the environment (Dillon, and Huey, 2010). Approaches by Human beings for the change Since the past 200 years there is vast change in the civilization of human beings. The needs and the requirements of the human beings are changing and that need to be reduced so that the level of pollution can also be reduces and for that steps and certain steps also need to be taken. The UN consultant is responsible to each measure which are taken so that the level of pollution can be decreased which is in the economy (Goudie, 2013). Conclusion In a nutshell it can be said that the main reason of the degradation of environment and the destructive changes taking place in the climate are the human beings. So, the human beings only have to take the measures which will help in decrease the level of destruction. The government has agreed with the deals and those agreements need to implement so that the planet Earth can be secured which will be beneficial for our future generation. References Brown, A. (2015). Climate science: Regional climate prediction.Nature Climate change, 5(3), pp.193-193. Chen, I. C., Hill, J. K., Ohlemller, R., Roy, D. B., and Thomas, C. D. 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