Monday, February 10, 2020

Effects of Honey as a dietary supplement on improving athletic Research Paper

Effects of Honey as a dietary supplement on improving athletic performance - Research Paper Example Several studies have indicated that honey can serve as a better source of glucose for athletes. From a biochemical point of view the carbohydrate composition of honey has been associated with the positive effects of honey on endurance and athletic performance. Athletes are generally advised to consume slow-burning sugars as they help in providing a sustained release of energy over a period of time. In this regard honey which contains the monosaccharide fructose as one of its main sugars, releases it slowing into the blood stream thus providing sustained energy and maintaining body homeostasis (Anderson, Young and Prior). Apart from fructose honey also contains large amounts of glucose. Both glucose and fructose are both monosaccharides with different chemical and structural differences as glucose is an aldose sugar and fructose a ketose sugar. Both these sugars differ in their energy metabolism despite having a quick burning tendency. In the case of glucose, the rapidly metabolized s ugars are immediately absorbed into the blood stream which provides instant energy to the body. However, the absorption of the sugars is a slow process which helps in providing the body with a sustained supply of energy over a period of time. In addition, honey also contains several phytochemical constituents which also contribute to slower absorption of fructose. In addition to these principle sugars, honey also contains several oligosaccharides including disaccharides and trisaccharides which are also slow burning. Among the disaccharides, honey contains sucrose, maltose, trehalose and turanose. And the trisaccharides include melezitose and raffinose (Sun and Empie; Caron; Bogdanov). Previous studies however, have reported that ingestion of honey just before an atheletic performance does not contribute to any increase in energy levels as it takes time for the honey to digest and provide the required energy. In cases where

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